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September 8, 2004

The flying trip continued, first to Northway, Alaska, to clear American Customs and then on to Fairbanks following the Alaska Highway

The distance flown during the day was approximately 260 miles from Whitehorse to Northway plus 195 miles to Fairbanks for a day total of 455 nautical miles in 5 hours flying time.

1. Bill & Dave at Whitehorse
2. Cousins Airport?
3. Alaska Highway
4. Haines Junction
5. Burwash?
8. Donjek River?
9. Beaver Creek?
10. Northway Airport
11. Northway Customs Officer
12. Northway Customs Clearance Area
13. Northway Customs Office
15. Alaska Pipeline
16. Alaska Pipeline & Alaska Highway
17. Fairbanks Airport
18. Super Cub with Hot Pot Heater

September 9, 2004

After a visit with longtime friends and a overnight in Fairbanks, the flight continued to Healy and down the Park Highway to Talkeetna where good friends from Port Ludlow were visited at their Alaska homesteads. They have two beautiful homestead locations near Montana Creek south of talkeetna. We stayed overnight in one of their cabins.

The distance flown during the day was approximately 190 miles in 2 hours flying time

19. Foothills Near Healy
20. Foothills Near Healy
21. Healy Airport
22. Nenana River
23. Nenana River
24. Mt. McKinley (20,320 ft.)
25. Mt. McKinley
26. Mt. McKinley
27. Young's #2 Cabin
28. Young's #2 Cabin
29. Young's #2 Cabin
30. Talkeetna Airport Plane Parking
31. Dave,with Joanne & Dean Young At Talkeetna Lodge
32. View from Talkeetna Lodge
33. Bill & Dave
34. Joanne & Dean Young
35. Talkeetna Lodge
36. View From Young's #2 Cabin
37. Young's #1 Cabin
38. Dean & Joanne Young
39. Cabin Galley
40. Dave in Cabin Salon
41. Joanne Young at Ham Radio
42. Main Cabin Loft
43. Talkeetna
44. Talkeetna
45. Talkeetna
46. Young's #1 Cabin

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