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September 13, 2004

Upon leaving Cordova, we continued down the coast to Icy Bay where we own a cabinsite that we homesteaded in 1965. It is located on the Chaix Hills which are foothills of Mt. St. Elias with its majestic peak towering 18,008 feet above. The site overlooks the Malispina Glacier which with its 35 miles width is the largest Piedmont Glacier in the world.

Although the old abandoned Chaix Hills airstrip appeared usable for bush airplanes, we could not consider landing with our small wheels and tricycle gear. Instead we continued on to Yakutat for lunch and fuel and then continued on down the coast in marginal weather to Sitka.

The flight from Cordova to Yakutat was 220 miles and another 210 miles took us to Sitka for a total of 430 miles in 5 hours flying time.

1. Copper River Delta
2. Bering Glacier
3. Shoreline Near Yakutaga
4. Yakutaga Airport
5. Approaching Icy Bay
6. Icy Bay & Mt. St. Elias (18,008 ft)
7. Mt. St. Elias
8. Chaix Hills Airstrip
9. Chaix Hills Airstrip
10. Chaix Hills
11. Chaix Hills Airstrip
12. Chaix Hills Airstrip
13. Malaspina Glacier Moraine
14. Malaspina Glacier
15. Malaspina Glacier
16. Yakutat Airport
17. Yakutat Airport
18. Yakutat Airport
19. Yakutat Airport Restaurant/Bar
21.Two Old Goats
22. Mt. Fairweather
23. Mt. Fairweather
24. Coastline Near Lituya Bay?
25. Cape Spencer in Distance
26. Sitka and Airport

DAY 10
September 14, 2004

Upon leaving Sitka, we continued down the coast on the outside of Baranof before going inland to Ketchikan where we took on fuel. We then continued to Prince Rupert for fuel and an overnight stop.

The weather continued to be marginal but when clear spots were encountered, the scenery was spectacular.

The distance flown during the day was approximately 190 miles from Sitka to Ketchikan and then another 100 miles to Prince Rupert for a total of 290 miles and 3 hours flying time.

27. Islands Near Sitka
28. Islands Near Sitka
29. West Side Baranof Island
30. Kuiu Island Area
31. Prince of Wales Island
32. Ketchikan Airport
33. Ketchikan Airport
34. Ketchikan Airport
35. Ketchikan Airport
36. Ketchikan From Airport
37. Dundas Island?
38. Prince Rupert
39. Digby Island Ferry to Prince Rupert
40. Prince Rupert
41. Downtown Prince Rupert
42. Prince Rupert Shoreline

DAY 11
September 15, 2004

Upon leaving Prince Rupert, the weather again favored offshore as we flew south and we passed by Bella Bella and continued to Port Hardy for a fuel stop.

At Port Hardy, we were delayed by weather and finally obtained clearance to Qualicum Beach, just north of Nanaimo.

After several hours delay we were cleared to Friday Harbor and we were able to revise our clearance on to Port Townsend in the air. We were met by a Customs agent at Port Townsend and David took off to continue to Auburn.

Total distance for the day to Port Townsend was 320 to Port Hardy and an additional 240 from Port Hardy to Port Townsend for a day total of 560 miles.

Total distance for the Fly Alaska 2004 was 4,035 nautical miles or 4,640 statute miles.

43. Queens Sound Islands
44. Queens Sound Islands
45. Hakai Pass
46. Kwakshua Inlet & Pruth Bay
47. Pine Island
48. Hurst Island?
49. Port Hardy
50. Port Hardy
51. Gruman Goose Aircraft at Port Hardy
52. Port McNeil
53. Port McNeil Airport
54. Johnstone Strait
55. Johnstone Strait
56. Chatham Point Johnstone Strait
57. Comox Airport
58. Qualicum Beach Airport

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