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Cruise Photos (continued)

Lu Whitney
Cruise Ship again
Allan from Drowned Cayes Dive Base
Boom gooseneck bolt that failed
Cruise Ship shore facility
Lee Brush checking navigation
Goff's Caye
English Caye
English Caye
Goff's Caye
English Caye
Storm Cloud
Syd & Rich Hatch
Snorkeling at English Caye
Snorkeling at English Caye
English Caye
Exploring by Dinghy
Sunken barge at Middle Long Caye
Middle Long Caye
Lobsters for Dinner
Terry Brush & Tom Kingston trimming lobsters
Delicious lobster dinner
Belize Coastguard Patrol
Bluefield Range Resort (inactive)
Isles at Bluefield Range
Forward Cabin berth with single berth forward
Pilot berth mid Starboard passageway
Lee Brush and Syd Hatch
Late afternoon cloud formation
Rich Hatch
Cruise Ship shore base
spanish Lookout Caye
Spanish Lookout Caye
Captain of Dive Boat at Drowned Cayes
Reef near Gallows Point
Reef near Gallows Point
Reef near Gallows Point
Roadway/walkway at Caye Chapel
Clubhouse at Caye Chapel
View from Clubhouse lounge at Caye Chapel
Clubhouse Dining Room at Caye Chapel
Clubhouse Bar at Caye Chapel
East Beach at Caye Chapel
Clubhouse deck at Caye Chapel
Cay Chapel golfcourse fairway
13th Tee on Cay Chapel Golfcourse
Caye Chapel Swimming Pool
Caye Chapel Golfcourse Resort Entrance
Caye Chapel Condo units
Caye Chapel welcome sign

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