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Charter Photos (continued)

betty Kingston and crocodile
Looking into Caye chapel marina
Cay Chapel Work Tug
Rich Hatch
"Loretta Ann" 126 ft. Yacht
Yacht with Bermuda Registray
Syd Hatch
Fuel Barge at Caye Chapel
Fuel Barge clearance!
Golf Carts at Caye Chapel Clubhouse
Tennis Court at Caye Chapel
Marina View units at Caye Chapel
Caye Chapel Marina
Distinctive Beach house
Tom & Betty Kingston
Blue Carribean Sea
Blue Carribean Sea
Terry Brush
Local Commute boat
Ambergris shoreline
Lu Whitney still relaxing
Ambergris shoreline
Terry & Lee Brush
Ambergris Shoreline
South San Pedro
South San Pedro
San Pedro
Michel of TMM Charters
Leaving Fuel Dock
At TMM Dock

End of Boat Charter

Back at Sunbreeze Hotel and daily tours

Sunbreeze Hotel Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool with Rich Hatch
Hotel Dock from Hotel
Hotel Dock from Hotel
Lu Whitney on hotel deckway
Adventure Tours Guide and crew
Mangrove shore enroute to Altun Ha Ruins
Mangrove shore
Moving upriver
Mangrove lined river
Shore at Bomba Village
Rich & Syd Hatch at Bomba Village
Betty & Tom Kingston at Bomba Village
Bill Whitney at Bomba Village
Bomba Village
Crocodile at power pole
Mayan Temple Ruins
Park Entrance at Altun Ha Ruins
Park Entrance at Altun Ha Ruins

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