2006 Coast to Coast Flight



We suffered a tragedy in that all of the photos we took from just before Roswell to the trip finish at Auburn, Washington, were inadvertently destroyed.

April 6, 2006,
Roswell, NM to Phoenix, AZ

After our night in Roswell, we headed west again, with a stop at Albuquerque, NM, Double Eagle II Airport (AEG) after a flight of 158 miles. We had originally planned on visiting some old time friends in Albuquerque who we had known while we were living in the Middle East, but unfortunately, they were away on a trip.

After fueling we continued west to Show Low, AZ, Show Low Regional Airport (SOW), a distance of 167 miles where we again fueled (17.6 gal.l)

After fueling we continued on to Phoenix, AZ, Phoenix Deer Valley Airport (DVT), a distance of 109 miles.

Here we again headed for a Best Western Motel. Bill called an old friend who joined us for dinner. They had been friends since gradeschool age beginning in Washougal, WA and we later had close association during the 10 years we lived in Anchorage, AK.

As a result, on the fifth day of our flight, we flew 434 miles in approximately 4 1/2 hours from Roswell, NM, to Phoenix, AZ.

April 7, 2006,
Sixth and final day of cross country flight
Phoenix, AZ to San Louis Obispo, CA

The following morning after our night in Phoenix we had breakfast with another long time friend who Bill had worked with in California during the 1950's. We then headed for Palm Springs, CA, Palm Springs Airport (PSP), a distance of 220 miles, where we parked amidst the executive jets and fueled with 17.1 gals at $4.57/gal which was the highest price we encountered on the trip.

From Palm Springs we continued westward over Bakersfield and the south end of the San Joaquim Valley across the coast range to San Luis Obispo, CA, San Luis County Regional Airport (SBP) where we circled out over the Pacific Ocean before landing. We stayed overnight at another Best Western. Flight from Palm Springs was 221 miles in 2.9 hours and 19.1 gal of gas.

This finished our cross country flight which had taken six days. Our sixth day flight from Phoenix (DVT)to San Luis Obispo (SBP)via Palm Springs netted 446 miles. Our total cross country flight had covered a net distance of 2,420 nautical miles from Kitty Hawk, NC to San luis Obispo, CA.

Although we had finished our cross country flight, we still had an additional 740 miles ahead of us to reach our home airport at Auburn, WA. It proved to provide some rather interesting challenges as the weather had turned for the worse in northern California and western Oregon and Washington. We had originally planned to fly up the coast but because of weather, we decided to go up inland to central Oregon and then come west of the Cascades whenever conditions permitted.

April 8, 2006,
San Luis Obispo, CA to The Dalles, OR

We departed San Luis Obispo after the morning fog permitted VFR conditions and crossed over into the San Joaquin Valley and headed north for Yuba City, CA, Sutter County Airport (O52)a distance of 238 miles.

After fueling, we continued northward with intent to stay west of the Cascade range. Weather conditions deteriorated and we were forced to alter our plan and head for Klamath Falls. Even that route presented problems, but after carefully selecting a mountain pass we were able to cross and reach Klamath Falls, OR, Klamath Falls Airport (LMT), a net distance of 182 miles. Enroute we had encountered marginal weather which even presented some snowfall conditions.

We continued north after fueling with possible objective of flying down the Columbia gorge and then north to Auburn. However, upon reaching The Dalles, OR, weather dictated that we land at the Dalles, Columbia Gorge Regional/The Dalles Muni Airport (DLS) and lay over until the next morning. We had netted 209 miles after leaving Klamath Falls.

Our daily progress from San Luis Obispo (SBP) to The Dalles (DLS) had netted 629 nautical miles.

April 8, 2006,
The Dalles, OR (DLS) to Auburn, WA (S50)

We waited in the morning for the westher to improve and finally were able to fly down the Columbia Gorge below rather low ceilings. Once out of the Gorge, conditions improved and we turned north on a direct route to Auburn, WA for a net distance of 115 miles for the day..

It was a wonderful trip with a number of challenges. However, the trip was made without any damaging mishaps and overall was a great fun for both Dave and Bill.

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