Part 5

Main cabin looking aft.

New mast step spans 7 frames. Accommodation are for day sailing only. There is no galley or head. A 30 horsepower International diesel engine is installed under the cockpit in a sound deadened compartment. Electronics will all be portable.

Leather tuck and roll upholstery matches the original drawings.

Bronze knees in the area of chain plates and mast partners.

Looking forward. Most planking is the original mahogany.

Looking forward.

The author was a bit reluctant to tell Dennis about the numerous times we had bilge water not just over the cabin sole, but over the settee cushions. Broken frames and worn fastenings were the culprit.

Beautiful inlaid chart table.

The full extent of the electronics. View under starboard cockpit.

Raised cabin joinery

(End Part 5)

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