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During July, 2004, approximately 750 members and guests of the Irish Cruising Club, The Cruising Club of America,

The Royal Cruising Club, The Clyde Cruising club and The Ocean Cruising Club,aboard approximately 180 boats engaged in a cruise of the south coast of Ireland in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Irish Cruising Club. David Tucker of the Irish Cruising Club was Cruise Director. Bart Dunbar and Bob Drew of the Boston Station were cochairmen of the Cruising Club of America contingent.

The Cruising Club of America was well represented with 25 boats participating. Nine CCA boats crossed from the U.S. coast, five CCA boats were already in European waters, and 11 boats were chartered by CCA members.

The cruise began on Wednesday, July 14 with registration in Kinsale at the Kinsale Yacht Club. Registration continued on the 15th and a CCA party was held in the evening at the Kinsale Yacht Club.

On the 16th the Mayor and Councillors of Kinsale Town Council hosted a reception in the evening for the boats mustered at Kinsale.

On the 17th, the CCA members were transported by coach to Crosshaven for a reception at the Royal Cork Yacht Club which is the oldest yacht club in the world having been established in 1720. After the reception, the group was transported to Cork where a reception and dinner was held at the Cork City Hall Millennium Room. Afterwards, the group was transported by coach back to Kinsale

The next formal event was held Tuesday, July 20 at Sherkin Island, Baltimore Harbor, where the CCA members and invited guests gathered at the Islanders Rest Hotel for drinks and an excellent lunch..

On July 21 the cruise boats proceeded to Schull going around Fastnet Rock where a professional photographer was positioned on a power boat taking photos of each boat as they rounded with the rock in the background. A barbecue was held in the afternoon at Schull.

On Thursday, July 22, the group proceeded to Crosshaven and elsewhere for private gatherings. On the 23rd, boats gathered at Glengariff for the beginning of a Sunflower Raft.

A closing reception was held on the evening of July 24 at the Eccles Hotel in Glengariff. Dinner was at the participants option and many enjoyed a final meal with friends and crewmates at the hotel or the excellent restaurants in the town.

On July 25 the fleet officially dispersed with participants headed in all directions; some flying back to the U.S. while others continued to enjoy Ireland.

The cruise enjoyed very good weather overall. There were a few sprinkles and the sky suffered from cloud cover but the temperature and wind conditions were moderate. Fortunately, there were no insects.

Lou Scott, Bill Whitney, Tom & Kappy O'Brien, Jack Cahill chartered a Beneteau 50 from Sail Ireland Charters, named 'Forrest Hill', for the cruise.

Lou Scott kept a detailed diary/ log of the cruise which is extremely interesting and can be accessed by clicking on the following thumbnail:

On the following four pages are digital photos taken by Bill Whitney and Lou Scott during the cruise. The images have been reduced in size and memory to provide for reduced downloading time. In spite of the reduced photo memory size, download may take a while. The actual photos have been reduced to 600 pixel width size and further reduced for the display to 400 pixel width.

Pages 5 and 6 present photos taken by Tom & Kappy O'Brien. Again the images have been reduced in size and memory to provide for reduced downloading time.

Page 7 presents photos taken by Patrick Blaney of the Irish Cruising Club. Again the images have been reduced in size and memory.

To view any of the photos at the higher resolution, click on the photo. You will have to use your 'BACK' key to return to this webpage. If you desire any of the photos on the first 6 pages at original full resolution, contact Bill Whitney for a copy of the original (about 400-500 kb each).




1. Kinsale Yacht Club
2. Looking across Upper Kinsale Harbor
3. 'Sail Ireland' Moorage at Kinsale
4. Kinsale YC Marina at Kinsale
5. Downtown Kinsale
6. Kinsale Post Office & Old Bank House B & B
7. Kinsale Supermarket
8. Kappy O'Brien, Lou Scott with boat supplies
9. 'Forrest HILL'charter just beyond red boat
10. Harbor from hill above Trident Hotel
11. Charles Fort across Kinsale Harbor
12. Charles Fort across Kinsale Harbor
13. Crew of 'Forrest Hill'
Past Commodore Bill Whitney, Tom & Kappy O'Brien, Lou Scott, Jack Cahill
14. Boats Departing Kinsale Harbor
15. Camilla & Patrick Blaney (ICC Buddy to 'Forrest Hill' Crew)
16. Dee Pieters , Patrick Blaney
17. Lou Scott, Kappy O'Brien, Patrick Blaney
18. Commodores of Participating Clubs at Opening Reception
19. Galley Head Lighthouse
20. 'Astral' (Commodore Casner's Block Island 40)
21. The Marine Hotel at Glandore
22. Harbor at Glandore
23. Harbor at Glandore
24.Cinnie & Commodore Truman Casner
25. Bill Whitney, Jack Cahill, Lou Scott
26. Glandore Inn
27. 'Corryvreckan'
28. Lou Scott at Helm
29. Tom O'Brien at Helm
30. Castle Ruins
31. Kedge? Island
32. Abandoned Light atop Cape Clear Island
33. Hole in Shoreline
34. South Harbor Cape Clear Island
35. 'Forrest Hill' Leaky Dinghy
36. Crowded Tour Boat at South Harbor Cape Clear Island
37. Bill Whitney at Fastnet Monument on Cape Clear Island
38. Lou Scott at Fastnet Monument on Cape Clear Island
39. Bill Whitney, Lou Scott at Heritage Museum atop Cape Clear Island
40. Abandoned Light atop Cape Clear Island
41. Monument on road to Cape Clear Island Heritage Museum
42. Fastnet Rock from top of Cape Clear Island

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