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During October, 2003, Approximately 300 members and guests with 88 boats engaged in cruise of the Chesapeake Bay titled "Ten Rivers Cruise". The cruise was co-chaired by Tad DuPont and Bob Price of the Chesapeake CCA Station.

The cruise began on Friday,October 3, with registration and an opening reception at theAnnapolis Yacht Club Annex. The reception featured heavy hors d'oeuvres and more than adequate libation plus music by a steel band combo.

The following morning, the fleet moved out and headed across the bay passing through the Bay Bridge to Love Point. From there they proceeded up the Chester River to Fen Johnson's home at Shell Point. Launch service was provided for the anchored boats and a number of those attending came by automobile. Fen hosted the Commodores' Reception with a large event tent on his spacious waterfron estate. The meal was excellent and the fleet received a hearty welcome from Commodore Whitney and the other Flag Officers and cruise chairmen.

Sunday, October 5, was designated as a lay day in the area with some taking advantge of a bus provided to tour to Chestertown where a guide gave a walking tour of the famous town and lectured on its history as Kent County's seat of government since 1706. Some boats voyaged to the town and remained overnite while others moved to Langford Creek or Corsica River for the evening anchorage.

On Monday, October 6, the fleet crossed back across the bay and entered the West River/Rhode River complex and anchored near High Island for an evening of boat hopping and cocktails.

On Tuesday, October 7, the fleet made the longest run of about 40 miles down the bay to Solomons Island where a reception was held at the Calvert Marine Museum. The museum, itself, is very interesting with excellent specialty collections.

The following day on October 8, the fleet made another run across the bay to Hudson Creek on the Little Choptank River.

On Thursday, October 9, the cruise proceeded to the Tred Avon Yacht Club at Oxford. Here many of the participants joined a walking tour of the town with a special visit to the Cutts & Case Ship Yard. Mr. Cutts gave an excellent tour of the yard and some members visited sseveral historical homes and a museum. In the evening, a pig roast dinner was held at the Tred avon Yacht Club.

On Friday, October 10, the fleet proceeded to the Wye River and Shaw Bay for a Sunflower Raft. Ned Shuman flew over in his recently completed RV6 aircraft and took photos. The wind increased and the Sunflower gathering broke down into smaller rafts and single boat anchorings to weather out the night.

On Saturday, October 10, the fleet moved on to the Miles River and the home of Mrs. Coleman DuPont. The boats anchored in front of her lovely home. There, a farewell gala was held in a large tent which had been erected for the occasion. The meal was excellent and music plus a special dance floor provided for a fun filled evening.

On Sunday, the fleet dispersed and many of the participants returned to Annapolis where those from other areas took off for Baltimore and flights to their home cities. Overall, the cruise was one of the finest.

Special Personal Note

Following are 7 pages of photos that I took during the 2003 Chesapeake Cruise. The images have been reduced in size and memory to provide for reduced downloading time. (The originals have much better fidelity and detail.) To expedite getting them onto webpages, I have presented them in a simple format requiring scrolling to each photo. In spite of the reduced photo memory size, download of the following photos may take a while if you are on a remote line like mine. I even have to hit the refresh button to obtain total download. Be patient!

I would also add that the photos were taken with a new camera and I am still involved with the learning curve. It is evident from the images that I have much to learn. I even missed a number of shots by not properly pressing the shutter button!

The photos are numbered sequentially on each page. I have started to add titles to each photo and will continue to do so as time permits.

We had a great time on the cruise and I hope all of you that were with us also enjoyed yourselves. Lu and I were honored to be guest crew on Sandy Weld's "Windigo". To me, it was one of the best national cruises we have ever experienced. Co Chairmen: Tad Dupont & Bob Price and Rear Commodore Tommy Closs plus all the Chesapeake Station members are to be congratulated on a job well done.

Bill Whitney


1. Windigo crewmates; Hugh & Jackie Minor

2. CCA gathering on Annapolis dock

3. Steve James "Threshold"

4. CCA gathering on Annapolis dock

5. Sandy Weld, Lu Whitney on Sandy's "Windigo"

6. Bill Whitney, Jim Gourd, Sandy Weld, Lu Whitney at McGarvey's Oyster Bar

7. McGarvey's Oyster Bar

8. "Windigo" at dock

9. Steel Band at Opening Reception

10. Steel Band musician

11. Angela Fischer, Judy MacEwan

12. Linda Lucas, Sue & Jim Chambers, Lu Whitney

13. Steve James, Joe Lucas

14. Hugh Minor at "Windigo" helm

15. Jackie Minor, Lu Whitney aboard "Windigo"

16. "Windigo" foredeck

17. Sennett Duttenhofer at "Windigo" helm

18. Chesapeake shoreline homes

19. "Sazerac" (Gordon Ettie)

20. "Sazerac"

21. "Aurora" (Nigel MacEwan)

22. "Playpen" (Fred Kirsch)

23. "Outa The Loop" (Chuck Cook)

24. "Barefoot" (Ken Saylor)

25. "Spirit of Zopilote" (Bruce Kessler)

26. "Spirit of Zopilote"

27. "Avatar" (Rondy Dike)

28. Fleet at Fen Johnson's

29. Fleet at Fen Johnson's

30. Fleet at Fen Johnson's

31. Fleet at Fen Johnson's

32. "Wavelength" (Frank Beveridge)

33. Sennett Duttenhofer at "Windigo" helm

34. Fen Johnson (host at Shell Point)

35. Bus driver, Fen Johnson

36. Tour lecturer/guide at Chestertown

37. Vice Commodore Truman & Cinnie Casner, Lu & Commodore Bill Whitney
with geese! (Photo by Sandy Weld)

38. Vice Commodore Truman & Cinnie Casner, Lu & Commodore Bill Whitney
at Tred Avon Yacht Club event. (Photo by Sandy Weld)

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