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Following are additional photos that I took during the 2003 Chesapeake Cruise. Again, the images have been reduced in size and memory to provide for reduced downloading time.

1. Tour guide/lecturer at Chestertown

2. Chestertown City Hall?

3. Chestertown

4. Chestertown homes

5. CCA Tour group at Chestertown

6. Worrell's Tavern sign in Chestertown

7. Ron & Kathy Trossbach (without Sam!)
Hawksbill(Howland B. Jones) in background

8. Dock at Fen Johnson's

9. Dock at Fen Johnson's/ Event tent on shore

10. Beautiful waterfront farm estate

11. Waterfront home

12. "Nonesuch" (Tony Jones) at Langford Creek

13. "Nonesuch"

14. "Wiki Wiki" and "Windigo" rafted at Langford Creek

15. "Wiki Wiki" and "Windigo"

16. "Wiki Wiki" and "Windigo"

17. Shoreside farm again

18. Mary Treanor caught napping

19. John Treanor ("Wiki Wiki")

20. Waterfront home

21. Waterfront home

22. Waterfront home

23. CCA Race start near Corsica River

24. Sandy Weld

25. Waterfront home

26. Sennett Duttenhofer

27. Hugh Minor

28. Chesapeake Bay commercial fishing boat

29. CCA racing fleet and others

30. CCA racing fleet

31. Lu Whitney

32. "Nonesuch" underway

33. Tommy Closs's "Enterprise"

34. "Enterprise"

35. Jackie Minor at "Windigo" helm

36. Wm Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bay Bridge

37. Memorial Bay Bridge and "Windigo" dinghy

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