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Following are additional photos that I took during the 2003 Chesapeake Cruise. Again, the images have been reduced in size and memory to provide for reduced downloading time.

1. Berth on "Windigo"

2. Waterfront home

3. "Nancy Lakin" (Bill Brewer)
Background boat ?

4. ?

5. "Bluewater" (Milt Baker)

6. Steve Taylor in dinghy

7. ?, ?

8. Mr. Cutts of Cutts & Case boatyard

9. "Reindeer"

10. ?

11. "Robin Twin"

12. ?

13. ?

14. "Catalyst" (Sib Reppert)

15. "Merlin"(Charlie Higginson)

16. "Merlin"

17. "Safari" (Chip Schutt)

18. "Bandera" (John Watts)

19. Sandy Weld

20. ?

21. ? Lighthouse

22. Waterfront home

23. Waterfront home

24. Sunflower raft at Shaw Bay

25. Sunflower raft at Shaw Bay

26. Sandy Weld, Chris Vezetinski

27. Sib Reppert

28. Sandy Weld, Ann Duttenhofer

29. Chesapeake Bay Museum

30. Sandy Weld at Chesapeake Bay Museum

31. Chesapeake Bay Museum

32. Chesapeake Bay Museum

33. Chesapeake Bay Museum

34. "Windigo" crew at Crab Claw Restaurant

35. Moorage across from Chesapeake Bay Museum

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