Jean's Notes
CCA/PNW Fall 2007 Desolation Sound Cruise
September 2007

By Jean Coard

SEPTEMBER 1, 2007 Saturday
Montague Harbor (61.8 nm)
At 8:30 am, M/V DAISY, Capt. Gary and Jean Coard and guest, CCA Past-Commodore Bill Whitney, leave our home dock in Port Townsend and head for the CCA Fall Cruise starting in Gorge Harbor, Desolation Sound.  The weather is beautiful with sunny skies, no wind and flat seas. The current is with us as we cruise into Bedwell to check into Canada. Things go well and we cruise on to Montague Harbor to anchor for the night. Anchor down at 18:00.

SEPTEMBER 2, 2007 Sunday
Pender Harbor Marina (56.5nm)
At 5:30 am, Capt pulls anchor in the dark and we cruise very carefully out of the crowded anchorage. We have a great sunrise and the weather is still sunny skies, warm, no wind and best of all, flat seas. We get to Dodds Narrows at slack and cruise through with alot of traffic. Some clouds appear and we have light rain as we cruise on to Pender. We tie up to the Marina dock at 15:30.  We see some of our CCA friends and have a nice walk to the grocery store and back. We enjoy dinner on the boat and great conversation with our guest, Bill.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2007, Monday (Labor Day)
Squirrel Cove (48.7nm)
At 8:30 am lines are untied and we cruise out of the Harbor with the destination of Squirrel Cove in Desolation Sound. We are seeing and hearing more CCA friends. We are keeping our calm seas, but have a few clouds and some light rain for awhile. The weather Gods are saying we are to have great weather for the next week. We will take it for our CCA cruise at the fresh water Lakes of Desolation Sound. The day is good cruising and we enter the Cove and anchor down at 14:30.

SEPTEMBER 4, 2007, Tuesday
Gorge Harbor Marina and Resort (18.5 nm)
After breakfast, we dinghy over to the store, provision some more and then back to DAISY and pull anchor at 10:30 am. Rained all of last night, and today it looks as if the weather Gods are coming through as the weather is beautiful! No clouds, sunshine and warm! We cruise over to Gorge Harbor Marina and tie up at 13:00.  We will be here three nights. There are some CCA members already here so we catch up visiting.  After lunch we had a nice walk to Whaletown and then more visiting as the boats came in to the Marina. A great day!


SEPTEMBER 5, 2007, Wednesday
Gorge Harbor Marina and Resort
Today is the official start of the CCA Fall Cruise. The members are all here and the greetings are joyful. We have a great morning visiting and the Welcome meeting is held at 17:00 with our Cruise Capt, Dave Heaps.   Our cruise consists of cruising to Mansons Landing, Teakerne Arm, Roscoe Bay and Tenedos Bay  We will be able to hike to and swim in the Lakes of Hague, Cassel and Black. We have our opening dinner at the Resort restaurant and there will be two seatings, as there are 80 people in attendance. So DAISY hosts an "impromptu"; Come one and come all; "waiting for dinner" party!  It was great fun and we had about 25 people aboard.  At 8:00 pm, we had dinner and it was very tasty and enjoyable. The day was one to remember, great people, conversation,food and warm weather!

SEPTEMBER 6, 2007, Thursday
>Gorge Harbor Marina and Resort
The morning finds everyone buzzing with conversation, enjoying coffee and ready to start our day. The sun is out and its getting warm! Manson Landing is small and exposed to southerlies so we all opt to dinghy over to the Lagoon and hike up to Hague Lake. The tide comes in about noon so the dinghy parade starts. We have a good cruise the two miles to the Lagoon. After finding the trail, AND a few of us getting 'stuck' and 'falling' in the mud, we finally get the dinghies tied up and we start our nice hike. The Lake was beautiful and the swimmers said warm. Water was clear and the beach was sandy white. Time went fast and we were back to DAISY and getting ready for our clam chowder and songfest event. The evening was fun and the food, as always, yummy!

SEPTEMBER 7, 2007, Friday
Squirrel Cove Anchorage (18.5 nm)
Today is Day # 3 of the cruise. Its an open day and a special evening for us. Capt Gary and Jean, with our guest Bill, decided to host a cocktail party aboard DAISY. At 10:30 am we untie lines and head to our favorite spot in Squirrel Cove to anchor. Weather is holding up, sunshine, flat seas and no wind. Warm as toast and the T-shirts and shorts are out! The sun shining on the Mts make it a beautiful sight. We three become busy little bees cleaning and preparing for our party at 17:00. Before we know it, our guests arrive with plentiful and tasty food. We have a trail of dinghies tied to DAISY, a picture in its self. We enjoy the comradity of 35 friends and once again; a great evening was enjoyed by all. Those attending were: SHIBUI,ALERT,PAU HANA II, SOUNDER III, FREIA,HEART OF GOLD, LYRIC and guests, HALCYON and guests, MENTOR (s/v), GOOD VIBRATIONS, MARGALO, SARITA.

SEPTEMBER 8, 2007, Saturday
Roscoe Bay Anchorage (9.8nm)
Today becomes another busy day, after breakfast, the guys check in on the ham radio and at 9:00 we dinghy over to PAU HANA II, tie up our dinghy and cruise with Capt Jim and Susie Day to Teakerne Arm so we can hike up to Cassel Lake. The weather is still the same, beautiful with the Mountains out in all their glory. We have clear skies, flat seas and no wind cruising the 7.6nm to the Bay. We enjoy seeing the beautiful water falls at the end of the Bay. The water is deep and anchoring is poor, so Capt Jim stays aboard and we all dinghy to the dock and start our hike. We hike over obstacles, hang on to ropes to climb rocks until we reach the Lake, of which, is beautiful and serene. Capt Gary takes a swim and the rest of enjoy the beauty.Our hike back to the boat goes fast and we are back on PAU HANA II and cruise back to DAISY, by 11:40 am. Lunch is next and then Capt pulls anchor and we are off to our next adventure, Roscoe Bay. We need high tide to cross the entrance bar (l' above zero tide). We have a great cruise and we cross the bar with a depth of 10.5 feet. The anchorage looks small but we find a good spot and anchor down at 15:30. These sunny days of cruising are spoiling us.  Tonight is the Rum Barrel party and will be hosted by Ray and Dianne Jarecki on AVANTI and Bill and Marcia Bents and guests on VERTIGO, who are rafted. The attendance is great and another good time had by all!

SEPTEMBER 9, 2007, Sunday
Tenedos Bay anchorage (5.6nm)
Lots of the boats leave on the early rising tide but we want to hike to Black Lake. Jim, Susie, Gary, Bill and I have a great hike through the old forest to the Lake. It was very relaxing and the Lake was also a beautiful place to enjoy and swim. Dave and Sharon are already there so we have a good time visiting. Back to DAISY for lunch and check the tides. Looks as if we shall cruise over the bar about 15:00. Time passes as we all get all prettied up for our last event of the cruise tonight at Mink Island.   Capt pulls anchor  and we cruise over the bar with 8.1 foot.  We cruise past Mink Island and see some of the CCA boats anchored. Our short cruise takes us into a great small cove in Tenedos and anchor is down at 15:45. We have enough time to have a cocktail and do some reflecting on the cruise. This is a special evening as Dick and Gretchen Scheuman and Doug and Ty Scheuman are hosting a dinner at their cabin on Mink Island. The food will be catered by The Laughing Oyster and the rest of the Rum barrel will flow. They also are using their launch to carry the members from Tenedos the 3 miles. The evening could not have been better. The view and sunset were awesome, our hosts were delightful and the evening weather was perfect. Once again the CCA Members all had a wonderful time enjoying wonderful food and great conversation. Good-Byes started were said and our launch had us all home by dark.

We all give a huge "THANK YOU" to the Scheumans for letting us all share a wonderful evening on their Island. It was greatly appreciated.

>We also want to give a big "THANK YOU" to our Cruise Capt. Dave Heaps for a job well done. (Thanks to his wife, Sharon, too, as we hear she did some boat driving while Dave visited) It takes alot of preparation and it all came together great. We had uncrowded anchorages and  beautiful September weather in Desolation Sound.



SEPTEMBER 10, Monday 2007
Tenedos Bay to Comox BC (38.6nm)

SEPTEMBER 11, Tuesday 2007
Comox BC to Montague Harbor (81.0 nm)

SEPTEMBER 12 Wednesday 2007
Montague Harbor to Port Townsend WA
All three days we had beautiful weather. Sunshine, most of time light to no wind, calm seas. Current was with us most of the time and not much traffic or logs to watch out for. We checked into the USA at Roche Harbor at 9:15 am and then  have a great ride to Port Townsend, getting in 2 hours before we had planned. We traveled over 300nm. burned 140 gal of fuel and used 47.9 hours on the John Deere engine.

Gary and I Thank Past-Commodore Bill Whitney for being our guest for the cruise. A sailor and gentleman, he is, and we had a most enjoyable time visiting with him.

Gary and Jean Coard aboard DAISY Krogen 42WB

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