Cruising Club of America

North American Station of the Royal Scandinavian Yacht Clubs and Nylandska Jaktklubben

July 12 - 24, 2008

Bill Whitney -------------------------------- (BILL WHITNEY PHOTOS) This link provides a webpage with access to a Web page Presentation of the Sognefjord Cruise, a power point presentation of the Sognefjord Cruise, plus powerpoint presentations of the Oslo side trip and a powerpoint presentation of his cruise aboard one of the Hurtigruten fleet ships from Bergen to Tromso up near the North cape of Norway.

Nick Brown --------------------------------- (NICK BROWN PHOTOS) Web page of Sognefjord Cruise

Cornelia & Charles Brewer -------------- (CORNELIA & CHARLES BREWER PHOTOS)Web page of Sognefjord Cruise

John Clementson ------------------------- (JOHN CLEMENTSON PHOTOS)Web page of Sognefjord Cruise and Oslo side trip

Dave Tunick & Crew --------------------- (DAVE TUNICK, SUSAN MADONIA, PHIL MCKNIGHT PHOTOS)Web page of Sognefjord Cruise and
    Oslo side trip

Ross & Kathleen Sherbrooke ---------- (ROSS & KATHLEEN SHERBROOKE PHOTOS)Web page of Sognefjord Cruise and
    Oslo side trip

Diane Barker ------------------------------ (DIANE BARKER PHOTOS)Web page of mostly people photos from the Sognefjord Cruise

Jeri & Bill Barsz ------------------------(Barsz Norway.ppt) is a power point presentation of the Barsz photos. (Lengthy download of several minutes. )

Other photo collections will be displayed on additional pages as the photos become available. Please mail Bill Whitney any photos on a CD that you would like to share with others. You can also attach them to e-mails. It is preferred that you resize them to 800 to 850 pixel width if sent as e-mail attachment..

Photos have been resized with reduced memory with intent to provide faster downloading. To supplement and comment you may send an e-mail to Bill Whitney by clicking on the following envelope:

This page and the other associated pages covering the 2008 Norwegian Fjord Cruise have been quickly assembled by Bill Whitney for his personal pleasure and the possible enjoyment of his friends and visitors. There is no commercial intent and viewers utilize any information presented herein at their own risk.

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