"Radiant Star" (Alan & Gwen Buchan)
With Commodore Ned Rowland and Vice Commodore Ross Sherbrooke on board

Tad & Joyce Lhamon - Cruise CoChairs
"Lyric" (Tad & Joyce Lhamon)


During September, 2006, 260 members and guests aboard 69 boats engaged in a cruise of the San Juan and Gulf Islands of the Pacific Northwest. The cruise was chaired by Joyce and Tad Lhamon, ably assisted by fellow Pacific Northwest Station members.

The cruise began on the afternoon of Sunday, September 10, with registration, cocktails and dinner at the Fidalgo Bay Resort near Anacortes. All enjoyed an excellent meal and were especially privileged with music by the Langley Ukulele Ensemble. This was followed by a free day with the boats choosing a destination in the San Juan Islands. A large number of the boats headed for Friday Harbor where the Boston Station attendees had a party at an estate on the south shore of San Juan Island.

Tuesdy, September 12, was the day of the Commodores's reception held at the Camp Four Winds in West Sound of Orcas Island. During the afternoon there was a demonstration of life sling procedures followed by an evening crab dinner.

On Wednesday, September 13, the boats cleared Customs, mostly at Bedwell, and then proceeded to spots in the Gulf Islands. A number continued to Ladysmith so as to be ready for the racing of two former America Cup 12 meter boats based there.

On Thursday, September 14, the race took place with competing CCA crews from the West and the East Stations. After keen competition between the two teams the competition was declared a tie which was celebrated by a hosted rum barrel and traditional PNW chowder pot and potluck dinner capped off by a stirring songfest led by the PNW Station music group.

Friday, September 15, many of the boats visited Ganges to be ready for the Saturday morning market and to attend the Salt Spring Island Fair.

Saturaday, September 16 was another free day with many attending the market and taking part in the frisbee golf competition. In the afternoon most of the boats continued to Montague Harbor where a dinghy raft-up gathering took place.

Sunday, September 17, was a day of travel with the boats heading toward Victoria for the final dinner the next day. Some stopped at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club in Cadboro Bay where they participated in Mini 12 activities while others continued to Victoria and moorage at the Empress Hotel Causeway slips. Several boats went to Tod Inlet or other Saanich Inlet locations.

Monday, September 18, was the final day of scheduled activity with a semiformal dinner at Butchart Gardens. During the day many visited the Royal BC Museum and other Victoria amenities. The dinner at Butchart Gardens was an outstanding event with a fine dinner and an entertaining program MC'd by Tony Gooch.

On Tuesday, September 19, most of the charter boats headed for Anacortes or their charter point. A few continued onward to the north for additional cruising and several stopped over in the San Juan Islands enroute to their home ports.

The cruise guidebook for the 2006 National Fall Cruise was a great success. Mike O'Byrne, Sue Corenman, and Jim Corenman did a super job of assembling, editing and producing an outstanding publication. Deluxe printed copies were distributed in the cruise packets which each boat received upon registering at the time of the cruise. The book may also be viewed and printed, if desired, by clicking on the purple button below. It is a large pdf file of approximately 21.5 megabytes and may require a lengthy download. The book contains 76 pages and includes the cruise itinerary, destination descriptions, boat and crew listings, cruise committee listing, detailed charts and tide information for the cruise.

Click the above title to download guidebook

"The ever present Mt Baker"

The following pages present photos taken on the cruise by several members. For quick access to photos by individual members, click on the page following their name in the following listing:

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The following photos were taken by Bill Whitney. The photos are shown at 400 pixel width. You may click on them for a larger photo of 700 pixel width. To return to the 400 pixel photos, use your 'back' button.

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Anacortes Photos

"Moxie" (Rondy Dike)
"Nyad" (Charles Moore)
"Mystic" (David Fullagar)
"Olympus" (Ed Kane)
Lu Whitney, Joyce Lhamon (Cruise Co-Chair)
Dave Heaps
Jon Goldweitz
Mike & Linda Duffy, Fred Hayes.
Glory Wills, Charles & Jeanne Moore
John Engle, Bob Engle
Betsy & David Fullagar, Jim Cornelius
Chuck & Diane Guildner, Hugh Minor
Jim Cornelius, Vice Commodore Ross Sherbrooke
Maury & Mary Rattray
Langley Ukulele Ensemble
Langley Ukulele Ensemble
Langley Ukulele Ensemble
Cruise Co-chairmen Tad & Joyce Lhamon

Friday Harbor & Four Winds Photos

Another look back at Mt. Baker
Commodore New Rowland in conversation with Angela Fischer
Host, Bob Doran at Boston Station Party.
Dick Marshall, Doug Fryer open life sling demo
Gary Meisner and "Sarita" in life sling event
Table at Commodore's Reception
Table at Commodore's Reception
Table at Commodore's Reception
Other tables at Commodore's Reception.
Roger & Jane Fortin
Commodore Ned Rowland, Lu Whitney
Mindy Drew
Annice & Steve Chadwick
Nick Brown, Barbara Vanderlinde.
Allan Trane, Marcia Bents
"Olympus" at anchor (Ed Kane)

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